ARK: Valhalla Kingdoms – NEUE MOD!

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ARK Valhalla Kingdoms Pub 1Da der Entwickler die Skin Mod leider aus Steam entfernt hat, tauschen wir diese passend zum neuen Bierbrauen gegen die neuen Arkvill Pub-Mod aus.

What This Mod Adds:
  • Fire Pit 
  • Square Wooden Table Variant 
  • Round Wooden Table 
  • Bar Counter-top 
  • Bar Stool 
  • Bowl 
  • Tankard 
  • Pitcher 
  • Keg 
  • Storage Cupboard 
  • Table Candle 
  • Cross Swords Wall Candle Decor


Item Functions:
  • Fire Pit 
    • Functions like a campfire 
    • Double the inventory space, double the human sacrifices
  • Tankard & Bowl 
    • Holds 1 Consumable item stack 
    • 2x preservation multiplier
  • Pitcher 
    • Holds 4 Consumable item stacks 
    • 5x preservation multiplier
  • Keg 
    • Holds 16 Consumable item stacks 
    • 10x preservation multiplier
  • Cupboard 
    • Functions exactly like large storage box
  • Candles 
    • They are.. Candles 
    • They use Oil, Sparkpowder, or Angler Gel as fuel 
    • „Unique Mystical Angler Gel Effect“ – Kinda like a blue unicorn
  • Stool 
    • You sit on it.. 
    • Sometimes it’s hard and hurts your butt
  • Tables 
    • Suitable for conducting business or otherwise being tables 
    • Not tested for shoe application, please take shoes off before dancing on table*


Viel Spaß damit. 🙂


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